Frequently Asked Questions
A Yes. If a relationship has permanently ended you need to understand why you chose that particular partner and why the relationship didn’t work out. If you don’t do this then you are more likely to have further unsatisfactory relationships.
A Yes there definitely is. It helps to share a problem with a professional and maybe get some insight and perspective of the difficulties that you may not have considered. There may be aspects of your behaviour which may not be helping the situation. You can also consider whether what is happening in this relationship has happened in previous relationships.
A. There is no clear answer to this. After an initial assessment session then we can discuss having say four or six sessions and then reviewing the situation.
A. Yes I do work with parent/child problems but if the child is to take part in the session then he/she must be over 16 years old. Otherwise parents may come along on their own and find ways to improve their relationship with their child.
A. Yes everything you tell me is confidential unless you tell me something about a child who is under 16 that makes me feel that the child is in some kind of danger.